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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Busy day

Kadyn woke up in a good mood around 7am. That is after sleeping from 6am-until 9am, then going back to sleep around 10am until 5pm, then going back to sleep around 7pm until about 1am, staying awake for maybe a half an hour then falling back to sleep until 7am this morning. I think that is a lot of sleep.
He is in a good mood and then he will just start to cry, and isn't eating very good. I have a WIC appointment today, and I really don't want to take Kadyn with me because of the flu that is going around and everything, but in order to get his Pediasure they have to weigh him and take his measurements. I don't like it at all. I always ask if they washed thier hands or sanitized them, if not I will ask them nicely too, or they don't touch Kadyn at all. I always ask for a fresh piece of paper on the scale, and if they say it's new I ask for a newer one, How do I know that kids were not playing with it. I only want to protect Kadyn and I am sure they understand that, if it makes them mad, really I don't care because I have to do what is best for Kadyn. Kadyn catches colds and the flu so easily and it takes him a long time to get over it. So I have sanitizer all over the house. No one touches him unless they have washed thier hands. I am also constantly washing Kadyn's hands, toys, and everything else he can touch. I am still debating over the flu shot for Kadyn, There are a lot of Pro's and Con's but right now the Con's are out weighing the Pro's.

Just recently I decided to stop giving Kadyn his shots. Why? Everytime he got shots, he would seize. I am not willing to put my son's life in danger for shots. He got the flu shot, and the rotavirus shot, and yet last year around christmas eve he ended up getting very very sick from them, got the flu, and the rotavirus. So I am a little scared to give him any shots anymore. I am unsure if the risk of getting the shot is worth it. I don't know. I have talked it over with doctors and they are of course all for them, but I believe they kinda have to be, so really talking it over with his doctors isn't good enough. So I talked it over with my family, they don't get it, they all have had "normal" healthy children, so their advice to get any of the shots, just doesn't cut it for me either. ALthough I do listen to thier opinions, they just don't understand what I have to go through, not even what I have to go through, what KADYN has to go through. I couldn't imagine how terrible it would feel to have a seizure. I can't imagine how sick it must make him. I don't want him to go through that. I just don't know.

He is playing peeka boo with Daddy right now. HE is haveing terrible mood swings. Worse then I get. Hehe!


TannaLee said...

You are a smart momma to be doing what you are doing - - and I know it's hard to not worry about offending others by insisting upon common-sense safety measures that will ensure Kadyn doesn't get sick - - it just isn't usually in other peoples' consciousness to be aware of his compromised immune system; they aren't the ones that have to take care of him and go thru what you have to go thru when he picks up a bug. As for the vaccine issue.... that's a tough call. My son doesn't have near the issues as yours but I never have him get more than one shot at a time (because of the amount of aluminum as the vaccine adjuvent issue) so that's prolly the only advice I can give - just make sure he gets only one shot in case the doc wants to cluster them...? Don't forget there are a lot of people out here following your blog and thinking about Kadyn - and you - and wishing him to stay healthy and happy

Kay said...

Please dont give him the shot there is no point to it everyone ends up getting sick with it anyways. Especially with Kadyns condition I just see no point to it. My cousin has Hydrcephalus but not as severe and everytime he gets a shot he gets super sick. To the point where the doctors even tell my Aunt not to give them to him anymore. I know he is your son and the finl decision is up to you but I hope this helps. Best of luck to you and Kadyn.

Kristen said...

I understand what you are going through. We have been faced with those same questions and decisions regarding shots and vaccines. And we feel the weight of those matters greatly too. I think you are smart to realize that each parent has to come to a point of deciding what is best for their child.

We have chosen for Cayman, no shots and no vaccines. In their place though we give her several vitamins and supplements that up her immune system. I think that is the best way to go, especially for a child with neurological sensitivities.

Anonymous said...

My children are also neurologically sensitive and I am with you on the shots. Things like influenza and rotovirus are really unnecessary. I did eventually get my kids fully immunized according to the schools but it was with the absolute minimum number of shots -- far less than the "guidelines". Measles can be done as a single vaccine. The shot schedule is ridiculously intense, way more shots than a kid typically needs.