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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The days go on :-)

Kadyn is doing wondering. The first picture is my favorite outfit on Kadyn and the second is Kadyn trying to crawl. I think it's wonderful. Kadyn is now trying to take his Uncle Josh's controller to the Xbox away. I find this very funny. I think everyone but Joshua does. (teehee)

Christmas is almost here, is everyone ready? :-)


Kristen said...

I'm in the Christmas spirit. But my tree is not up yet. Mike just can't fathom a Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving. I might just do one of these days when he's at work. hehehe :)

Kadyn does look exceptionally cute in that first outfit. You have such cute taste in clothes. I was thinking about that adorable sleeper you sent Cayman last year. Amazing how these kids grow. She would not even come close to fitting in it anymore.

Oh, and I am so glad Kadyn is feeling better.

Luana said...

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