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Monday, November 30, 2009

Have you seen Kadyn?

Kadyn loves playing peek a boo and hide and go seek. Today I went downstairs while Kadyn was upstairs rolling around. I was switching out laundry and changing the bedding. Kadyn was then very quite, not more screaming or talking, so I came up stairs to check on him. I couldn't find him. So i figure well he can not walk or crawl, so he can't be far. I look under the table...not there. Hmmm, I got look under the dining room table...not there...then I hear a knock knock at the door in the foyer....and it wasn't a knuckle knocking because it was loud, I opened the door and Kadyn had some how managed to open the foyer door and roll in it, then kick the door closed. Silly boy!!!

We are currently going to be moving from the basement into a bedroom upstairs. We are making Harvey's younger brother Josh move downstairs into our old room. How this is going to work, I don't know. We have a lot of stuff. Plus Our dog isn't allowed upstairs because she sheds. So I believe Harvey and I are going to have to talk this through and figure it out.


Kristen said...

Ha ha. Kadyn cracks me up.

Good luck with the room relocation. I hope it all works out.