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Saturday, November 7, 2009

HIs little tricks

Kadyn seems to go to one side of the room to the other by rolling with a blink of an eye. He also seems to have to clap every time he says Dada, which he says Dada like it is going out of style.

So Friday I receive a phone call about my WIC benefits. The woman on the other line tells me that she has approved the Pediasure for Kadyn for the next three months, but that he can not live off of it and that i should try to feed him more adult foods. I stopped, thought about what to say, and this is how is came out.

"I don't need to sound rude mam, but my son has a medical condition that has kept him from being able to hold his head up. I understand that it is probably your job to tell me this but, his nutritionist tells me that he is just fine on the pediasure, and he drinks enough of it a day. She also mentioned that when he gets his special chair that we will start more feeding exercises."

She then tells me that she didn't know he had a medical condition, even though it is written ont he paper that I have to give to them from his nutritionist. I wonder if they tell that to those parents whose children have feeding tubes?

Oh well, we got out pedisure, Kadyn is happy!


Knowledge Safari said...

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We look forward to reading more about Kadyn and your family! :)