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Thursday, November 19, 2009

What a Beautiful Day!!

So outside might of been ugly but in my house it was beautiful. It was sooo amazing to see my little Kadyn smile and act like he is feeling so much better! He didn't sleep all day today. He didn't even nap! I am so happy. Maybe since Kadyn isn't having as many seizures, it is taking him longer to recover from them when he does have them. I am hoping that there are no more seizures.

Today was an amazing day. Tomorrow I take Kadyn to see his neurologists and the dietitian. He is seeing the dietitian because they want to put him on the Ketogenic diet. I am hoping it works! He has to get blood work and then be admitted for a couple weeks, yes weeks, just to watch for malnutrition. Make sure he tolerates it. I don't want to be there for a couple weeks but if this means helping my son not have seizures anymore, I am 100% all for it!

I will update tomorrow on what is going on. Whenever we get home. You never know if they are busy or not.


Kristen said...

Good luck!! I'll be thinking about you and watching for your updates.

TannaLee said...

I've been wondering about the keto diet and whether or not he'd go on it... the odds are in his favor that it will help (but keeping the sugar out of his diet might take some effort esp. when others watch him) Yay for a wide-awake happy Kadyn!

Sange said...

Here is a blog of a woman who just started putting her toddler son on the ketogenic diet. Its only been a few days, but she is noticing positive changes.

From one mom of an Epileptic son to another: I wish you great success!