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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Green Dog Named Scout

Me and my pal........Scout!

This is a story of a green dog named Scout. Oh how I sat and played with him for awhile, then I had to remind myself that, this is Kadyn's doggy and that I should give him a turn. The proof that this is Kadyns dog is in this video. Oh and you can hear Kadyn trying to sing with this dog. Kadyn loves it. This was one of his Just Believe gifts, and the cutest little thing ever!!! I love it!

Anyone else want an Orange Alligator that Eats Banana's named Kadyn? Sounds like a great pet :) lol

I am thinking that Kadyn has this obsession with every time I look at him he has to grab my nose and he likes to ssay HONK! Silly lil man!

Are these not the cutest little socks. Right after I took this picture...he took them off and chewed on them then threw that at me..haha!

Are these not the cutest PJ's? Even his daddy loves them...and his daddy is the type, clothes are clothes, who cares if they are cute lol!!!



TannaLee said...

Just to let you know, there was a Scout recall recently... you may want to go to their company website and check it out... Loved the pictures. Kadyn always looks so happy it's hard to believe he can be struggling with illness and sleepiness... Merry Ho-Ho to you and all your loved ones.

Sara said...

OH yeah, I have the one that was fixed. His scout is not on recall, I researched all the toys he got, but thank you soo much for the information :)