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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just Believe

Wow, what an amazing turn out. I am just in awe at all the wonderful gifts that Kadyn and I got! I am sooo happy. Kadyn has an amazing time flirting, talking, smiling, and laughing with everyone! I think he found a future girlfriend LOL! I wasn't able to take pictures but Jenn's mom took pictures and I borrowed some for this blog :).

Here is what Kadyn got.

*18 pairs of socks
*1 pair of sweat pants
*1 winter coat
*8 Meijer gift cards
*4 gas cards
*5 winter hats
*1 pair mittens
*6 shirts
*1 blanket
*5 warm PJ's
*10 wonderful toys
*6 packages of Pediasure
*1 bag of diapers
*2 boxes of diapers
*2 boxes of wipes
*1 bag of wipes
*2 containers of wipes
*1 pack of batteries

I got
* a very cute and comfy wearing it now haha
*A wonder coupon to get my hair cut and colored not once but twice! Ohhh YA!!!

I am so happy! When I was done all the wonderful gifts, everyone got a glimpse of the amazing bond I have with Kadyn. They were able to see how strong and happy he is. I was able to share stories and laughs. Kadyn really was the light of the party just like he is the light that shines bright in my life. As everyone left we gave hugs and thank you's. I put Kadyn down and began to clean. As Kadyn clapped and laugh, then fell asleep, I knew right then and there, that Kadyn finally had his first Christmas at home, even if it wasn't on Christmas Day. Kadyn was soo happy to get all the new toys and talk to everyone. He truly put on a show. When I was done cleaning up I scooped Kadyn up and put him in bed with me, were I PASSED OUT! I hadn't slept at all the night before, and then cleaned the house for 4 hours!

I was very very happy that Kadyn was in an amazing mood. He was able to truly show his fighting spirit and how nothing gets him down. He is truly a happy toddler. ( I realize he is a toddler no, he will always be my baby though!)

Thank you again to everyone who made Kadyn's Christmas the best ever! <3

The biggest thank you to everyone in this picture for making this possible!

I absolutely love this picture of Kadyn and me!!!
Some of the bags were soooo big! Amazing!!

So much cute things!

He was in such an amazing mood the whole time.

He was too busy flirting to pay attention to the gifts

He was in such a silly mood!!
He got sooo much :)
He likes playing with that ball!!


Kristen said...

Oh Sara, that was an amazing day for you and Kadyn!! What a blessing being able to share your home in such a delightful way and to be doted on like that from others. It's just beautiful!

And I love your hair done up like that. You look great!

Krompemamma said...

Looks like he had the time of his life :)
Thats what christmas is all about :)

TannaLee said...

Kadyn is just too completely beautiful for words!!! I am so happy for you ~ and you get back what you put out into the world... so you SHOULD be getting some completely wonderful vibes (and other material manifestations) back to you as a result of the beautiful person you are, and are a mommy to Kadyn.... he looked so cute in all his pix in this blog..... I wish him all the best of health, happiness, and lots of uber-mommy & daddy-ness in 2010. He just keeps getting cuter and cuter with each month ~ I think maybe all his sleep helps his body fight away the 'bugs', and keeps him ready for fighting away the onslaught of new bugs that are always around the corner..... Love his smile :-)