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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Still in the Hospital.

Yes we are still in the hospital. Well, we do have a diagnosis, stomach flu, and we all know what comes with the stomach flu, so until all that yucky stuff calms down he needs to stay here on fluids.
Which I am ok with. I also loved it when Neurosurgery passed right by our door, and just said Hello Kadyn's Mom! (hehe)

I got sick yesterday, so was sent home and Kadyn's daddy was staying with Kadyn until 5am when he came home sick too. I think I had food Poisoning from Wendys. So I am back at the hospital with Kadyn now waiting to hear from the pediatricians, also known as Rainbow Team. I love how they have cute little names for everything. The Emergency Department rooms are all named after sea animals! It's amazing.

Kadyn is currently napping. When I came in at 7am he was awake and messy. So he had a bath and is now sleeping. I haven't seen Kadyn's heart rate this low in a long time, so I think he is feeling better now. A few days ago his heart rate was 220 and his temp was 104.5. I believe Kadyn has been sick for along time but it was never detected. I hope we can go home soon and open Kadyn's presents.


Kristen said...

I'm glad Harvey was able to stay with Kadyn while you rested at home. He must be feeling more comfortable at being in at the hospital with Kadyn. I'm so glad about that. I'm sure that gives you some security.

Turns out Cayman's fever is from ear infections. Hopefully the flu can stay away from her.