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Thursday, December 17, 2009


Kadyn is not feeling good at all, I haven't checked his temp yet but he has been sleeping a lot, I am hoping that this passes soon.

I finally put all of Kadyn's bedding back together. His bumper is back on because he likes to put his legs through the railings and they get stuck and bruised up and then doctors question me about it, which doesn't bug me really because that is thier job, I am just tired of him hurting himself with it.I also have the little skirt back on that goes on the bottm of the crib. I am happy. I put his pillow together and put it in his crib to keep his head elevated while he sleeps. I put his dinosaur blanket in his crib and a dinosaur throw. I then put his dinosaurs and his name above his bed. It really doesn't match because my walls are pink and orange, but I don't care, and I think while Harvey is gone I am going to change the wall colors, of course that is if he lets me because he painted the room. Why he chose pink and Orange is beyond me,u

Also I have set my New Years resolution. I want to lose 20 pounds before Harvey gets home from Afghanistan. This really is just another way for me to keep my mind off him leaving for 15 months. If I am working out and doing something my days will go by faster. If I sit around and whine and feel sorry for myself this will go by slow! So think positive and keep busy is my motto. I told Kadyn that too....want to knw what he had to say??

(raspberries) da da bye bye (raspberries)

Yup, Kadyn is thinking positive too :)


Knowledge Safari said...

Awww cute! Way to go on the positive thinking! It can't hurt! :)