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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wonder what else can go wrong.

These past few days have not gone good at all. Don't worry Kadyn is fine. Well, I am hoping his attitude and sleeping pattern is due to this crazy Michigan weather.

Kadyn's chair came in on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. When we got the chair we fitted him in it to make it for him, then the delivery guy wanted to show me how to use it, tilting, folding, umbrella, removing the chair part from the wheels. Well when it came to the folding part, a piece wasn't working. I give the man credit he tried for almost an hour to get it to work, he finally decided to take it back and get it fixed, which means i should be getting the chair either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. I just want his chair :(.

I was talking to a friend today who was asking me questions about Kadyn's condition, and she asked one question that I never thought about.
"What kinda of personality do you think Kadyn would have if he didn't have this condition."
It really got me thinking, and in the end, I said that's something I would never know, and in away I am kinda glad. I don't think Kadyn would be the happy go lucky little boy he is now. I have many different feelings about this because, I am so happy that I have one of the most happiest little boys in the world, yet he goes through so much. That makes this a very hard and impossible question to answer. So, I think I'll leave it alone.

I have been sewing a bib for my new baby cousin. My fingers hurt so bad because for some reason I keep wanting to stab myself with the needle. Although this is very annoying I am determined to finish this project. Kadyn has helped me along by laughing whenever I say OUCH! He just thinks it's hilarious. Kadyn also has been fake coughing a lot. He cracks himself up with that. His laughs sure are contagious and so is that smile.


Kristen said...

He is a sweet little guy.

I'm so sorry about the chair. What a disappointment. I hope this time when it returns it works great!

I think you are smart to just leave that question alone. It can't be answered and even if it could what's the significance of knowing. I see it the same as if someone would ask you, "Sara, what do you think your personality would have been if you were born a boy?" It really doesn't matter because you're a girl, our kiddos were born with hydrocephalus, and I believe that is how we are exactly suppose to be.

Tara said...

I agree with Kristen. Our babies are who they are supposed to be. Their personalities are how they are supposed to be.

Kadyn is so cute and I bet he is super sweet! I hope it's just the weather and that Kadyn stays home and you keep a little more of your sanity! *hugs from cali*

I hope Kadyn's chair comes in soon!