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Monday, January 11, 2010

I am home

I am home....and I honestly don't want to be. I want to take Kadyn back to my sisters. It is soo peaceful. I came home to a lot of bad things. The biggest, my dog Korona, the one we rescued, bit my brothers little dog and caused him to get stitches. Now Jonathon wants us to get rid Korona, but I don't think she really ment to bite him as hard as she did. I wasn't here when it happened. SO I don't know how it played off by they played very good for months. I honestly think that Trex might of bit her too hard and she retaliated. She has scabs all up and down her tail from Trex hanging on it. So maybe this is a lesson learned for him. Although I don't think she ment to get him like she did. Poor Trex.

I went and did some shopping, got Kadyn a couple Summer outfits while I still can. Got Harvey a slurpee and some candy for his birthday. Today is his birthday. He is 23. Friday he leaves.

I guess I am in a terrible mood. We will just call this day, a bad day, and look forward to tomorrow. :)