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Friday, January 1, 2010

Picture perfect memories :)

I took many pictures from Christmas and New years, they are kinda backwards though, I have pictures from today first, then New Years Eve then Christmas Eve. I don't have pictures of actual Christmas day as I didn't think to take Pictures for Kadyn's Christmas, since we were in the hospital on Christmas.

My camera died during the hair cut, so here is after when he is sleeping. My lil man!

Before Kadyn's hair cut
That is me holding Julia, I love holding babies, especially since I can give them back when they cry :)
Of course we had to play some WII before the ball dropped, here was we see Harvey and his cousin Brian
This was New Years after the Ball had dropped, Ummm, Looks like he drank too much lol!
Matthew and Harvey watching tv, Matthew had to sit next to Harvey
I thought Kadyn wouldn't like the worm, boy was I wrong, favorite toy! He loves it!
Harvey opening up Kadyn's fishing pole with the worm and fish lol
Ryan Jr and Josh, Ryan was so happy to get that tank
Jonathon and Trex
Me opening my gift...I wasn't in a take my picture mood
Kadyn's daddy was so thrilled for his spongebob wrapping paper
Country Christmas music cd didn't interest him
Kadyn could care less about opening gifts, he is eating. haha
I had to capture this because Harvey never does dishes!
Kadyn knows he is a stud!
Harvey, Ryan Jr and his Godson Matthew!
Kadyn and me, He is silly
My roomate Kristie, nephew Matthew, and his mommy Aimee holding the newest addition Julia Anne.
How does he sleep in silly ways. (excuse daddy's dirty socks eww)


TannaLee said...

Love those long eyelashes in that first pick, and his cute lil piggies in the last one... :-)

Kristen said...

Kadyn looks so much like you in that second photo!!

I love your eyes in the photo of you and Kadyn when he's being silly. You are so beautiful!

That worm of Kadyn's...I am impressed that he likes it too. I think it looks yucky to touch.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say hello. my name is robert and I showed my children your video and my little girl had tears in her eyes. Then I replayed it again and told her I have the same thing without the heart problems.I am sorry that people are crule and nieve. I had to deal with that as a child not fun. you and your husband are also a miracle, my parents put me into the system because they couldnt handle it. I understand it takes alot to have child with medical problems....But you and your husband are true parents.I wish you all my best and I may not be a bible person but I pray for you all good luck and I will keep watching him grow up . I can relate to some of what he goes threw bye for now