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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How about eating?

I tried to get Kadyn to eat foods. He wore them instead

Then he fell asleep after his bath.


Kristen said...

Oh my goodness...he sure wore them indeed! And he looks like he was having a blast doing it!

Anonymous said...

LUV the foot of fury shots there... and him grabbing his lips - reminds me of that Bill Cosby comedy video about his wife in labor and her grabbing his lower lip and stretching it over his head.... I just LUV your lil guy!! He is uber-super-duper cute!!!!!!

MarcyKay said...

How cute =) My daughter likes to grab the jar of baby food and spill it all over the place (thats what i get for laughing the first time she did it LOL)

I found you on youtube, not sure how, you know how looking for one thing turns into browsing, and totally random stuff pops up? Yeah, that's what happened lol. You're truly an amazing mother, I respect your devotion and patience, it's hard enough having children without complications, and being a military spouse (as I can testify to both).

God bless you and your family =) Happy 2010!

Juliana C said...

ohh so cute and make me so happy heard his noises.. Sorry about my english... not so good. have a nice week you and the little angel. God bless!