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Friday, January 29, 2010


Wow was Kadyn the best kid ever yesterday to take shopping! We went to 3 places. First place was Deb's where I bought a new winter coat and a t-shirt. I haven't had a winter coat in 3 years! Next place was the Family Christian Store. I bought a new bible since mine drowned in a flood, and I bought a T-shirt. We then traveled to Walmart where I bought things to make dinner. Taco Soup was on the menu. It was a little hard to push Kadyn and shop at the same time but I got it all done.

I came home and made dinner, then I folded laundry and hung out with the kiddos. I am going to head home today to pick up Kadyns prescriptions from the store, think I am gonna take my niece with me. Not sure though


joyce said... name is Joyce and my son Anthony will be 27 in March and he was born with Hydrocephalus- Dandy Walker Malformation. Kadyn reminds me alot of him when he was a baby. Anthony is more severly delayed than Kadyn. I was so glad to see Kadyn's videos on youtube. We did have a Caring Bridge site for him, but I haven't written in it in years. You have inspired me to get back into it. When I get it going again I will let you know and you can meet him. Thank you. The best for you and Kadyn. My email is feel free to write if you wish.