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Thursday, January 28, 2010

What a day we had!!

Kadyn was being so good, that I almost forgot he was around. He played on the floor so nicely so I could help my sister by cleaning and making the kids dinner. I also had to break the news to my 13 year old niece that her dog died. She noticed he was gone and asked. I don't think my heart hurt that bad ever! To see her so upset and it just broke my heart. I cooked the kiddo's lasagna today and garlic bread. It was pretty good. I also gave Kadyn some tomato sauce from the Lasagna, that didn't go over so well. I have been trying to give Kadyn more juice lately and he just refuses it. So today I am going to try nothing but juice, except during medicine time. This is going to be a rough day! The kiddos have school around 7:10 the bus comes and gets them. I am going to go to the mall sometime today because I have a little extra money and I think I want to spend it on me. I went through my check list.

Kadyn has enough Food to last until his appointment
Enough diapers to last 3 months
Enough wipes to last 6 months
Enough clothes to last a million years (over exaggeration)
He is good on everything so what will it hurt to spoil me right?

Monday I am getting a hair cut and color :) How exciting! It was given to me for Christmas from one of the families who donated. They decided to get me a free coupon for a cut and color. How amazing is that?!!! I haven't had my hair cut in along time!

Going to try and convince Kadyn to go back to sleep..Yeah we will see how that goes! haha


Kristen said...

Have fun treating yourself to shopping. :)

Heather said...

You totally deserve it and I tell you that all the time! Glad that you were able to! how are you getting it cut and colors? It's been about a year since it's been colored I think. lol. That's forever in your world or hair, ha ha. I know that affected you so much with her dog and so sorry