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Monday, February 8, 2010

Good news! YAY!

Today I woke up around 9:30am in the Ronald Mcdonald House. Took me a minute to realize where I was because I am so used to being by Kadyn's bed side. In ICU we are not allowed to sleep in the patients rooms. So I decided for $10 bucks a night I would sleep in the Ronald McDonald House. Thankfully, Kadyn's dad paid it for me.

Kadyn is no longer on the breathing tube. He is also starting a new diet while he is here. The Ketogenic diet! I am super excited. Soon we are going to be moving onto a patient floor, and I am debating if I want to sleep there or the Mcdonald House again. I mean...that place is amazing, and it's free dinner. So for 10's not bad at all. We will see what the doctors say when they round. I think I am going to go eat something now. Since I haven't eaten yet today. Might go get a little salad or something.


Shaylee Williams said...

You're son is so cute. He has got a lot strength for such a little guy. It's great to know that he is doing okay. I've been fallowing your blog for a while and I love all the stories! =)

Anonymous said...

Glad Kadyn is doing better. Thinking of you guys and wishing Kadyn a speedy recovery.

Michelle said...

Oi! I take a break from checking blogs for a few days - snowed in with two kiddos at home! - and little Kadyn is back in the hospital! Glad to hear he's doing better today - these little guys do like to keep us on our toes don't they?

Barb said...

Hi, glad the little man is doing abit better! I would take the room at Ronald mcdonald house and get some good sleep - sounds like Kadyn is in good hands, take the chance to charge your energy up for when you go home! thinking of you both from Melbourne Australia

Creative Nurse with a Travel Bug said...

I missed the entry that took him into hospital... hang tough! You guys are doing so well despite all your challenges. Get well soon little man!