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Friday, February 5, 2010

I am sorry

I am sorry for the lack of posts lately. Kadyn and I have been battling a terrible cold and it hasn't been pretty at all. With Kadyn sleeping all day yesterday and all night really got me worried but I am glad that I decided to wait it out one more day. Today he was in much better health. Still congested though.

I am congested coughing and achy. No medication is helping me at all. I have to take Tylenol PM in order to sleep at night and then I wake up feeling drowsy and worse. It's hard being a mommy when I am sick. Good thing my sister was here to help me a little bit. She worked until 5 but her help after was greatly needed.

Things have been quiet though. Other than our colds, nothing really going on. I am going to try and get some sleep.



Kristen said...

Ah yucky!! I'm so sorry you're still sick!! Head colds are the worse. And when you can't sleep well and you still have to be Mommy, that is tough.

I hope you and Kadyn are feeling better very soon.

Tara said...

I too hope you are feeling better soon :) Colds are the WORST!