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Saturday, February 6, 2010


So today Kadyn was doing pretty good. Up until around 5pm when he started running a fever. The first time I took it it was 101.5 which was surprising to be since he didn't feel warm. So I gave him Advil. Now giving medication to Kadyn is the hardest. I actually have to kinda sit on him to hold his arms and legs down (yes I know sounds terrible but I gotta do what I gotta do) and put the syringe to the back of his mouth and squirt some in and do this about 3-4 times. It's the only way I can get him to swallow it. So after doing that about 15 minutes later I take his temp again and even though his mood changed and became amazing his temp had gone UP! 102.7. So, I wait 15 more minutes and take his temp and it had gone down to 101.7. I was pleased that it had gone down. I stripped him of his clothing rights and gave him a sheet. His fever when down to 100.7. I put him some pajamas on so he didn't have to sleep naked and climbed on top of him to give him Tylenol to last him through the night.

Well while all this was going on, when I first took his temp he began having shakes, no seizure like but more like a constant chill. I didn't know why. So I asked my sister and she said that it could be the fever because a fever makes a person really cold. Well I told her that Kadyn has never had any shaking from fever before ever and his temp has been as high as 105. So she picked him up and began patting his back and his shakes stopped and he fell asleep. I was going to take him to the hospital but when he fell asleep everything got better. No more shaking nothing. So I sprayed simply Saline into his nose and but the dehumidifier on. He is sleeping better tonight then he was last night but I believe it's because he has a lot of medication in him.

I went to Walmart earlier to buy him a new thermometer and the plastic coverings that go on it. As the doctor told me that the best way to take Kadyn's temp is rectally I had the learn that before we took him home some time ago..I use those so it stays sterile as possible. I was looking at the thermometers and saw this cool bottle that disposes medication while they drink it. Well the only problem is they have to be able to use a reg nipple, as Kadyn is so used to the Nuk nipple. So my goal is to get him to use the reg nipple. I bought this bottle and I am thinking once I can get Kadyn to use the awesome thing I will feel so much better about giving him medication and it won't be a fight. The best part is it was only $5 at Walmart! So even if it fails, I can save it.
I feel terrible trying to shove medication down Kadyn's throat and with him being on 4 medications in the morning and 5 at night it's so stressful doing this. Although I mix all medication in one syringe to make the process go by quicker it's still a stressful task for both Kadyn and I. When Kadyn is feeling better I am going to use regular nipple on him until he gets hungry enough to use them. I know he can use them, I have seen it before. He just knows what he wants! :). So I spoiled him but can ya blame me, he is just so darn cute!!! (haha) I am going to try and get some sleep now.