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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Change views


We were admitted onto the fifth floor, which is the four years of age and up Neuro floor. Which I didn't mind being on but I feel more comfortable where Kadyn is well known. Everyone on this floor knows Kadyn. I felt the same way when Kadyn first graduated from NICU and came to the 6th floor, I wanted to be in NICU only because they know Kadyn there, but I am happy now. Not only did we get the 6th floor but a room that is two rooms but has a half wall, which is still very private. I am happy. The fifth floor charge nurse even offered me a private room and I denied it stating that I just want to be where my son is well known. So, here we are.

Kadyn's surgery went great yesterday. He has two EVD's as he had two catheters in his head. The plan while he is on the EVD is to try and see if he can due with just one catheter. So we can simplify his shunt system and have less of a worry when it comes to blockages. Which is what caused this infection. So 7-10 days we will be in the hospital so why not try and make his shunt easier and better. If it doesn't work then they will just turn the EVD back on, no problems. He hasn't really been awake too much but when he is it is for very little time. He is on soo much morphine to keep his pain down that he just sleeps, which is good for him, and plus it helps fight off the infection.

I would say that I am quite comfortable now. I don't have to sleep in a chair tonight but I can sleep on a little bed thing, and I have the comfort of Nurses that I know, and know well. Kadyn well could careless as long as he is fed, changed and can sleep :).

Oh here is something i did today, when we were moving I left my camera in the chair, luckly I was able to go downstairs and recover it! YAY!

Now a silly picture of Kadyn!

Ignore the banner, I don't feel like buying the software to get that removed LOL!


Gretchen said...

Great news to hear the surgery went well and that you are feeling okay about the process. As usual, Kadyn look great and those blue eyes of his are just precious! Keep keeping on and know that we are all in prayer for your stay and look forward to you being able to go home soon.

Cassandra said...

I'm sorry your son is in the hospital. I hope all works out well and he recovers soon :)