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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hospital Hospital Hospital

Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise.

~ Hebrews 10:23

Today Kadyn was more awake and a little more perky, that is of course after he had some morphine in him. He ate a pretty good morning bottle, if you consider 10 ounces good. I actually consider that great for all he has been through. Yesterday he didn't really wake up much. He would stir a little but slept most of the time. This morning has been a different story. It's more so he is happy and playing for a little and then he goes back to sleep. I am hoping either today or tomorrow I can take him for a walk, maybe down to the cafeteria to eat something, well he would lay there and I would eat as he can only drink formula. I just want to get him out of bed for a little and into a wagon to pull behind me and watch him look around. I just want to see Kadyn get back to being a happy little guy.

Everyday I have been writing Kadyn's dad until I get an address to send these notes to him. I am trying to leave the bad details out as I don't want him to be upset while he is in such a dangerous place. So I let him know Kadyn is in the hospital with infection but that Kadyn is doing really good, I don't go into detail about anything unless it's something that Kadyn has done that is a good thing. For example, Yesterday the nurse (who didn't know Kadyn was way behind for his age) asked Kadyn if he would like a bottle, and he said no. I was amazed, although she believed him when he said no, I didn't and got him his bottle and he happily drank 15 ounces before going back to sleep.

Also yesterday Kadyn has wonderful visitors. Jenn, and he mom! I was so excited to see them. They brought me subway and the biggest pop in the world. Although I was so busy talking that I didn't really get to eat, I gobbled it up when they left. That was pretty much all I ate because I always forget to eat when I am here. I think I have lost a few pounds from it, which I am not complaining lol! It was wonderful to have someone to talk to as Kadyn had been sleeping for 3 days. He is sleeping again now, but I am going to mix his medication up and take a nap. Nurse is bringing in his medication now. So I better go mix it with his formula so he will actually drink it.

Hopefully later or tomorrow I can have some better updates.

Oh they increases the pressure setting on one of his EVD's again, hopefully be able to turn it off either today or tomorrow. Then CT scan in a few days to see if he really needs two catheters. Hopefully not.


Kristen said...

Still thinking of you and praying!

Anonymous said...

Still praying and thinking of you two. Love you! you're such a strong momma but you HAVE to eat or the next time I see you, I'm shoving a big mac in your face. ha ha. Need to talk just call me, always here for you babe. Love you two