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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Goal for Kadyn

Save money to buy Kadyn a new car seat. Ours was a hand me down, but it will be expiring, although I have no clue why car seats have expiration dates, they must be for a reason. I took Kadyn a few days ago to try out car seats and I ran into his Neurosurgeon who was on lunch. He actually told me that for Kadyn's best interest he should still be in a rear facing car seat. So I am copying of Kristen and getting the same car seat as her. Although it won't be pink and purple. I don't think Kadyn would approve of it, I have chosen this one.I think Kadyn will like it, and it's way more stylish than his old one.

I am hoping to have it by April, which i when the car seat we have will expire.

Kadyn is finally asleep. Time for me to sleep :)



Jolene said...

I just stumbled across your blog, your little guy is such a cutie! My daughter also has hydrocephalus! I don't have time to go through all of your posts but was wondering if somewhere you have posted your sons story of how and when he was diagnosed? Thanks for sharing! In case you were interested my blog is

Kristen said...

I like that print you have picked out for Kadyn! Very nice! The print I"m holding out for isn't in yet! I'm hoping soon though.

I think car seats have expiration because after so many years the plastic can start to weaken. Car seats are left out in freezing cold vehicle in the winter time and then in the summer left out in a hot, humid car. And over years those kind of conditions can cause the plastic to become more brittle and break easily if in a crash. (that's what I was told anyways)

Anonymous said...

OOH! That's my favorite too and want this one SO bad!! Good choice!!

Chicklet said...

I saw the video from Kadyn's birth(day) on Klove and cried and cried while watching it. I had to know what happened . I was praying( even though it was obviously 3 years old) that Kadyn was ok. so I linked to your blog and went through a few of them. I think you are a blessed and amazing woman. Stay strong and keep God with you. Happy Birthday Kadyn!

Sara said...

That print I picked out isn't out yet either, I am having Baby's R us email me when it's out. I won't have the funds for it until April anyways :) SO hopefully it's out by then :)

Sara said...


I was wondering what you ment by watching the video on there anyway you can send me a link to it? Thank you :)