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Sunday, March 21, 2010

I think we are Homebound today!

So the idea is to get us home today. I am waiting for Neurosurgery to make their rounds and for them to decide. Yesterday I was told as long as he is happy and his pressures stay low then there is no reason for them to keep him here. So today he gets the ICP monitor taken out and the bandages off his head then off the go home. I am so happy. I am happy I brought him in and I am happy he is feeling better. In a few days I'll restart doing his PT again and OT. I have been working on switching from bottle to the sippy cup. I was going to take one day and just not give him the bottle at all. I was going to give him just the sippy. He knows how to use it, he has drank from one before, it's just he doesn't want to. If I can get him to just take a morning bottle and then sippy throughout the day and then a night bottle I'd be happy. So when he gets to feeling a lot better I am going to take a day and just struggle with him. I just do not feel like listening to him cry over the bottle as I just listened to him cry for two days.

His old OT told me if he gets hungry enough he will use the sippy since he knows how to do it and is just refusing it. She said I need to show him a little tough love on the situation. It's hard, I have such a soft heart for Kadyn. When he cries I jump. He just gets to me like that. So I have to be strong one day and do this. I'd rather him be on a sippy cup for along time then this bottle.

I am so excited to go home though. I miss my dog and have a lot of cleaning to do. I need to put more stuff away and do a lot more laundry. Thank you everyone for the thoughts and prayers. Hopefully he stays out of the hospital for a long time now! We don't need anymore of this junk :).