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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Post Surgery

X marks the spot where you're suppose to kiss...can you find it in the picture?
I am glad it's over with. His Neurosurgeon came in to talk to us and talked about putting a Lumbar shunt in him. He had mentioned that in the past he had many surgeries, yes but this shunt worked for over a year, so he said he would go in and make sure the shunt is not working, he would try to pump fluid through it and fix it before switching it and then add an ICP monitor in his head to make sure the pressures stay down. They have been around 4-5 which is awesome! He didn't get a Lumbar shunt either. They were able to fix this shunt and make it flow again! So it could of been just partially blocked and pumping fluid through it unclogged it. He is resting in his bed peacefully. He napped for awhile and now he is just laying and talking a little.


Michelle said...

Ugh...I hadn't checked in in a few days...sorry to hear that the little man is back in the hospital, but happy that he's on the path to feeling better. *hugs* to you both!