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Monday, March 15, 2010

Kadyn is getting so BIG!

Can you believe he is going to be 3 years old this July? I have set some goals for this year for him though.

So far he has been seizure free for a month! THANK GOODNESS! (finally) So here are my goals for this year.

*Get Kadyn switched from the bottle to a sippy cup.
Most 2 year olds use sippy cups, Kadyn knows how to use one, he just refuses, so now I have to put my tough mommy pants on and not give in to the fits. He is smart, he knows if he crys long enough Mommy will give in, so now I am doing this One morning bottle, then after that sippy cup until night bottle. Hopefully this will work!

*Get Kadyn to hold his head up.
Kadyn was holding his head up, but the seizures just took that away from him. I am going to be working with him more and more now. Therapy was too much for him to handle, it would cause him to have seizures, so I know a therapist and she is going to help me. He can do it here at home that way it isn't too much stimulation for him. It may take longer but it's the best for him

*Get Kadyn a new carseat
We bought Kadyn's carseat from someone. A therapists actually. I don't like it, never have because it isn't rear facing, but I have delt with it as it was all we could afford. I am saving my money no to get him a new one.

*Get Kadyn to eat Food
Yes, he needs to not be on a strictly liquid diet anymore. He has teeth and now I have to teach him to use them. He knows how to swallow and doesn't gag on anything, unless it tastes bad. I have to get the recipe for the baby foods for his new diet, but that's not hard.

These are the goals I have set for the Year. There are not that many, but I am going to be the only one working with him until I get him back into therapy. Although I am scared to, I think he is pretty much okay with not having seizures. The diet is really working! Wish I had this along time ago! Like a year ago! I am pretty upset about that, and when I see his Neurologist I am going to ask her why this wasn't start after the first two medications were used. I am pretty ANGRY over this.

I am pretty excited for the year. Although Kadyn's daddy won't be here, I am excited to get this done and over with. It hasn't set in yet that he is gone, but I am sure it will. Sorry there are not going to be pictures in this post. i haven't really had a happy child. With the weather here changing so much his head is all sorts of messed up. He doesn't take the weather change all to well. He is cranky, sleepy, angry, and whines a lot, but that's okay, I'll take that, because he wasn't even suppose to do all of that. :)

Warm Spring weather please come back!