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Monday, March 15, 2010

Walk/Run/Wheel for a cure!

Kadyn and I will be participating in a Walk for Hydrocephalus. This is a big deal to us, because this condition effects my son's and many others. I have started a Team for Kadyn called Kadyn's Miracle Mile. MY goal is to raise $600 plus for this event. I would like to ask anyone who wants to help this cause to donate here.
This is for an awesome cause. The number one reason for brain surgery is due to hydrocephalus, there is no cure, just a shunt (drain) to help drain the fluid off the brain. My son has had 11+ surgeries for this reason alone. Shunt's have a 50% failure rate and many shunts will fail within a year. My son has a terrible seizure disorder also due to this condition, he take daily medication and is on a new diet. My son can't hold his head up, sit up, walk, run or play, although doctors say he may never be able to do that, they also said he would live past birth, and in 4 months he will be 3. So a cure is what we are aiming for. Hydrocephalus is very popular condition, although there isn't a lot of awareness out there for it! 1 in every 500 are born with the condition. So please, Please PLEASE join Team Kadyn's Miracle Mile and help up reach out goal!.

Kadyn and I thank you so much!