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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh dear!

I am soo worried. I am exhausted, I am just stressed. Kadyn is now running a fever, it keeps climbing. I am hoping the Tylenol will make it go down. Earlier I checked it was 99.5. I gave him Tylenol he went to sleep. He is awake now and his temp was 100.0 even. They told me if it goes up to 101.0 to bring him in. UGH! I am just scared! I have done everything to prevent this, changed sheets sanitized toys, and everything. I went on a sanitizing frenzy! Yet I just could prevent this. I really hope it's just maybe because he was in a little pain and not infection. If his shunt gets infected I'll just crumble. The older he gets the harder this is for me. Although his Neurosurgeon resident who has really became close to Kadyn said that he really enjoys my humor when we come in, he said it's a good thing as that I can not prevent the unstoppable. I don't know. My heart is breaking.

Please I am praying that this is not an infection. Please Please Please.

I am just going to watch Kadyn and watch the Singing Bee.

At least an email I got just made me soo happy and brought me to tears. I'm grateful and truly blessed! :)


Kristen said...

I can understand why you feel so afraid...shunt infections in an unenjoyable road that you've had to travel many times before.

If I remember correctly, Cayman ran a slight fever after her shunt revisions. It's the product of the body working on healing itself after the surgery. Hopefully that's all it is. I'll be praying!

Gretchen said...

Hang in there Sara, all Kadyn needs to know is that you are there for him, and you are! always you are. We are praying here too and we know Kadyn is one strong little man! Kadyn is a real bouncer-backer from all these surgeries, so I'm sure he'll be bouncing around again soon! :) Take care!

Michelle said...

We'll be praying for you. And as Kristen said - they almost always run a low grade fever for a few days after the surgery. I definitely dread the eight weeks after the surgery where you wait on pins and needles taking their temp every day to see if an infection is coming much more than the surgery itself. We've done seven rounds of wait and sees and I'll be happy if we don't have to do that again any time soon! Keep us posted and you'll be in our thoughts.

Michelle said... didn't seem to save my comment...I'll try again and then I'll probably see that I've double posted. We've been through seven of the "take the temp every day for 8 weeks to see if they are going to get an infection" routines. I dread those more than the surgeries I think. But, Kristen is right, they almost always run the low grade fever for a few days afterward. We'll pray that this is all that it is!

Michelle said...

Yup, there are both posts...and I waited five minutes in between them too! Ah well....