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Monday, March 22, 2010

Sun shines on me

Although it is raining outside, inside this house the sun is shining. Why? I am not going to let this get me down. Kadyn's fever has slowly been rising, but I am thankful it's slow. It just it 100.2. I am hoping it will go down after his nap. I am going to just think positive. Kadyn has had an infection after every surgery. Kadyn is currently napping.

This weekend if one of my nephews birthdays. He is turning 4. I am very happy. I got him a couple tshirts and a pair of socks. My nephew is really into Ninja Turtles so I got him Ninja Turtle art stuff. It was all at the dollar store! I was very excited!

I will keep updates on Kadyn, I am thinking he will be fine! :)


Knowledge Safari said...

It is easy to get down and much harder to stay positive! Keep up the good work - we are pulling for you and Kadyn!

Hey, you could win some free Pizza -it's really yummy!