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Friday, March 12, 2010

Our Trip.

Harvey and I took a little trip together. Kadyn was safe with my sister. It was just overnight. We went to Dayton, Ohio to visit an Airplane Museum. It was really nice.

Harvey and I in front of my favorite plane. I look smaller because I was kinda behind him lol

Japanese fighter plane. WWII
Idk airplanes lol
Outside airplanes
Harvey and I, wow I like my eyes here lol!
The drive there, so beautiful!
Such great scenery!

Before this trip we went to dinner with Harvey's grandma to Famous Daves. My favorite place to eat!
Kadyn decided to fall asleep.
Then woke up an decided he was hungry :)
We had a very good trip and a very good time. It was very peaceful although I missed Kadyn to pieces. I am just not ready to take him that far away from home. He was very good though my sister said. Then again what person tells their parent that their child was bad(hehe). I am glad that I have good memories with Harvey while he was here. He finally landed in MO after 3 flights. April he should be in Afghanistan for 15 months. So it will be July of 2011 when I will see him again. Although we can email and write each other daily. That will be nice.

Well time to try and tuck my lil man in!!! :)


Anonymous said...

first off. whoa piercing beautiful blue eyes. I love your eyes. SO glad you two had fun before he left and enjoyed yourself. You deserve it