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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Seizures just suck :(

So my intentions were right. :( Kadyn's fever kept climbing and he had a seizure. I knew something wasn't right. Kadyn (if I heard the nurse talking to the doc in the er correctly) has a shunt infection. I am waiting for Neurosurgery to make their rounds to find out more. Kadyn's fever has been 103-102. He is on 3 antibiotics to help with what ever is attacking his body. My heart hurts for him, but I keep my head up. I miss his smile and him being happy. Although we played before he had a seizure and I saw his smile, it just wasn't my happy baby. I am just sad.

The picture above was taken 15 minutes before the seizure began. I just find it so off how quickly it can hit. You can see that even though Kadyn doesn't feel good he still smiles and shines through. He looks at life in a positive way and I am thankful for that. Right now he is mumbling in his bed and playing with his tongue. He is acting like nothing ever happened. He is tired of course but doing so awesome. His fever is still a little high but slowly going down.

Please keep Kadyn in your thoughts and prayers! Thank you so much!


Kristen said...

So are they going to have to operate again?? :(

Or can they just treat it through antibiotics?

Anonymous said...

I am following your life for a while now. I pray for you and Kadyn and wish all the best. Petra from UK.

Sara said...


They will have to remove the shunt today, and replace it wit and External drain for a while, probably couple weeks or maybe just a week. I am not sure, but he will have another surgery today, :( and on top of doing antibiotics.