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Friday, April 2, 2010

ICP Monitor

So this Blog is dedication to the ICP monitor. Also known as Inter Cranial Pressure Monitor. This is used when Neurosurgeons want to make sure that the pressure inside the brain stays low. Normal is 0-15. Kadyn's stays around 5-10. Your pressures go up with each movement you make. Something that I learned this time. This is normal for everyone, even those without hydrocephalus or any other brain injury, but as long as the pressures shoot right back down it is okay. When Kadyn would move and play his pressures went up anywhere from 12-20 and when he cried his pressures went up to 50, which was okay because the pressures dropped right back down.

The ICP monitor is place in your head with a tiny little incision and into a burr hole through your skull. It requires surgery to be put in. Once that is in it is connected to a plug in piece and then a monitor will show the exact number the pressure is inside the head.

To take the ICP monitor out does not require surgery or stitches. There is the removal of a stitch, then slowly pulling the wired piece out. As long as everything comes out then no surgery is needed. It's a uncomfortable procedure but not very painful. Kadyn didn't cry at all! You can request for them to be put in if you are not comfortable with something. Most neurosurgeons have no problem with it since they are going to be doing surgery anyways.

That little wire is the wire that goes down into the head that measures the pressure. Inside the head there is a little metal piece that is on the wire. The only reason why he has soo many dressings is because he just going out of surgery.
This is where the wire hooks up with the monitor. This is normal wrapped up and tegadermed to my sons chest, but since he has a port it's kind of hard to.
This is the monitor. You can see at that time Kadyn's pressure was 4, which is very normal. This just hooks to the IV pole and you can still be able to move around. You do not have to lay still for this at all!

I was going to take a video of the Neurosurgeon resident taking the ICP monitor out but Kadyn had to be held down because he wouldn't stop moving. Oh well.

We are home now though! YAY!


Michelle said...

Thanks for the great post! I've heard about these devices, but I've never seen one in action. I'll copy the pictures and your info out (giving you and Kadyn credit of course) and include it in the big update that I'm working on. It might be a few months, these things always take longer than I think they will...but I will get it up there and I'll let you know when I finally do. Either way, thanks for sharing all this useful info with all of us. And even better news is that Kadyn is doing so much better and you'll be home soon!

KajnBlonde said...

I'm so glad Kadyn is home...especially for Easter!!!

Your post was great and very informative..thanks for explaining!!