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Friday, April 9, 2010

What a day.

Kadyn was so good today. We were able to go to Babies R Us so I can buy him a few more Nuk Nipple. Kadyn has chewed through his other ones.

I came home to check my blog and found there were people attacking it using the same name as those who read my blog. Nice. I just deleted the comments. I don't feel I should have to explain myself to any of them.

Kadyn took a nice long nap and I cleaned up a bit, then got on Skype and talked to Kadyn's daddy about our trip. I think it's going to be fun! I have to go get me a back pack which I will probably just borrow from someone :).

Kadyn is rolling everywhere today and has begun to lift his head a bit again. I am hoping he keeps this up. I have been working with him on his therapies and such so hopefully I can get im holding his head up. Once I get him to the Pediatrician I will ask for a referral to see the
therapists there. It will be easier because if he is in the hospital he can still go to his therapies :).

There isn't really anything new to blog about....It's been really gloomy lately and haven't been out of the house. I hope it warms up so I can take my lil man for walks.


jaime said...

Hello Kadyns Mom ! I just saw little peices of your story and realize I will never understand what really gives you strength. I think your awesome ~
I want to know more whats his condition called?

jaime said...

please get back to me at

Anonymous said...

hey~i have seen some of your videos on youtube a long time ago and found them again today. I was just woundering how old kayden is now? He seems to be growing up into a very cute little boy. And this is a weird questian but what is Skype???

Anonymous said...

ok so im back again, lol. i read into what hydrocephalus is but i did not realy understand what i was reading. so it is extra fuild. my questian it the skull that is larger or the tissue surrounding the skull is thicker??? Im sorry to ask these types of questians and im sorry if it upsets you, but i bet you know more about this subject then anyone else. oh and im shocked to read that is happens to 1 in 500 children, that is a very large number.

Kristen said...

Oh how sad that people were attacking you. Mean words can sure leave a day feeling dreary but you showed great maturity by putting it behind you so well.

TannaLee said...

I just can't understand what could cause people to attack this wonderful blog.. and you and your son in that manner. The comprehension of it is simply beyond my grasp. I'm glad you don't let it interfere with the joy you get and give in maintaining your blog and YouTube vids. Your son is is such a delight to watch as the months go by... and your motherly insight and inner power gives much hope and gladness to others.... Kadyn just keeps getting more handsome as he grows!!