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Thursday, May 27, 2010

1/2 mile stone achieved :)

Yup I am celebrating a 1/2 milestone. Something I never thought could be possible. I have been working with the same work with Kadyn for awhile now. "Cookie" Today I was saying it over and over again in the store and much to my surprise Kadyn tried. He made the C sound, Ca. He did that a few times then got over it and started saying Dada. If anyone knows Kadyn, they know Dada is his favorite word. Although he can say many other words, he has always just felt comfortable with saying dada. Although he is changing it to DAAAAAD now but he still loves his dada.

Also some how Kadyn picked up the sign for eat. I think it was from watching tv, he doesn't do it perfect but he does bring his fist to his mouth when he is hungry, and if I don't get it right then and there, Oh my goodness he cries! Haha. Another milestone Kadyn actually crying. Before he would only grunt, and like whine really and now he actually cries and his cry is just soo sad! Really it's heartbreaking. He just has that cry that makes your heart melt.

I am sitting here waiting for the kids to get home so they can help me finish cleaning my sisters house. The poor woman never has time for herself so I decided to do her a favor and clean her house. I already straighten her counters, and swept, waiting for her children to get home so they can help do the rest. There is just dishes, mopping and wiping down counters. I am going to be nice and let them pick...I am not doing dishes though LoL!

Kadyn is doing really amazing today. He is awake, alert and very active. He napped today but that is because he decided waking up at 3am to play after only sleeping 3 hours was an amazing idea. So we took a cat nap and woke up and it was too hot to sleep anymore.

Well have to go let the lil doggy outside. I'll hopfully be able to update later :)