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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A day of spring cleaning...and night

So I started going through and putting Kadyn's 18 month close in the no long fit box. It was sad to see some things having to go but happy that my toddler is finally going to be in bigger boy clothes. I also put all his winter stuff that will fit next year in a box but still with in reach in case the weather decides to get super cold again. Somethings I had to throw away due to stains or holes but that is okay. Kadyn is currently asleep in his bed and I still have a ton ton to do! I may finish it tomorrow, but it's going to bug me all night long! (I am currently on break lol)

Today was surprisingly a good day for Kadyn. His mood was a lot better and he was very happy thankfully. With the storm that went through here (and why the weather channel said it was severe I don't know!) I thought he would be uncomfortable. He wasn't. Such a little trooper. I am going to have to start making plans and getting his birthday together! His party is in 2 months! I need to start finding duck things and picking them up. Yes I like to do things way ahead of time, but that way I don't have to when the time comes haha!