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Friday, May 7, 2010

Prayers for Cayman

I am asking everyone to please pray for Cayman! Her family really needs your prayers. I know God will hold little Cayman in his arms and he will heal her! I really have grown close to this family through blogging and even some meetings! Cayman needs your prayers now more so than Kadyn!

Although I am taking Kadyn to the ER tonight, I want everyone to pray for Cayman! PLease!

I pray for her and her family every night.


Kristen said...

Thanks Sara. I feel your love and I appreciate your caring heart so much.

What's going on with Kadyn? I'm so sorry you are having to take him to the hospital. We'll be praying and thinking of you. It's like we're close to each other yet so far! If only we could be at the same hospital we could hang out together.

Wrapping in you in our love and prayers!