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Monday, May 3, 2010

Play date with cousins

Sorry no pictures, my laptop crashed. I am going to get it fixed around the 15th when Harvey sends me my money.


Today Kadyn and I traveled half way to Ohio to see Harveys cousin Brian, his wife Aimee' and their children Matthew and Julia. I have known Aimee and Brian since high school so they have always been my friends and now family. Kadyn had a good time playing with Julia and petting her hair and grabbing her arm chub. Then since she is only 5 months old I caught him putting his fingers in her mouth and she would suck on them and he would crack up! It was funny, but I stopped their fun because I wasn't comfortable more so for Julia's health that Kadyn was putting his hands in her mouth. Matthew who will be 4 in August was rolling around pretending to be Kadyn. He was so cute. We stayed there pretty late, we left at 11pm! It was nice to be around adults and family during a weekday. Kadyn had a good time and he seems to be feeling better, which I am glad. Although there are more storms coming our way and I know he is going to be moody.

I also cut Kadyn's hair today. Yup, I finally got brave, bought clippers. They were on sale at Meijer for $10, which I thought was a great deal. I started shaving the front, used a 5 at first and thought, this needs to match the hair that was already shaved so took it down to a 4 so when it grows back it is even. So, no more mohawk.
You can see a picture of it here, I hope it will show it. I am pretty proud of myself, mainly because that was the first time I ever EVER cut his hair. Harvey always did it.

I talked to Harvey today. He is in Afghanistan now. I don't hear from him too often but it was nice to just talk to him today.

Well, I'll be playing picture catch up one day. Idk when, my laptop needs to be fixed :)


Anonymous said...

How is Aimee and Brian? I don't hear much of them or anything. I hope the kids are ok. Wow seems weird that they are married but more so that they have kids. I mean seesh been together what 10 years already so not really but strange bc of high school.

awe glad that you were able to get adult time!