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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Not going to be a good day

Today I already know by watching the weather Kadyn is going to be either sleepy or cranky, or he is going to be both. So far it's been cranky. I gave him his Tylenol and he is content enough now that I can get some packing and cleaning done. We are getting ready to head to Ohio, to my sisters to finish getting all of our stuff that is there. Also I want to go swimming in the pond during the week as long as it is warm enough, which it should be! I will probably post pictures on here when I get to my sisters. It's just easier. I will be getting a new laptop in a couple of months, thankfully so then I can post pictures and videos more often.


Kristen said...

Poor Kadyn! I wonder why the weather effects him so greatly.

Have fun at your sisters. I look forward to the pictures.