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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Something I am Passionate about

I have a lot of passions in my life, many are just things I like to do. Like cross stitching, making Kadyn smile and laugh. Watching him enjoy the pool and baths. Most of my passions include Kadyn. Especially this one thing that I have my whole heart in. Finding a better way for people to live with Hydrocephalus. Kadyn really has had it rough when it comes to all that has come with this condition. It's never just hydrocephalus, there is always more to it. A simple fever causes me to feel sick to my stomach and think OH NO this could be it! Although rarely it is his shunt, it's still scary to think that tomorrow my son COULD have brain surgery, or in the next second his shunt could fail. You never know with these things. It's like living on pins and needles not knowing what the answer is going to be. I never thought I could find relief in an ear infection before. Even now I see my sisters get all upset over and ear infection and I am in the back ground clapping and cheering over it. Many parents take for granted the first steps, the first smiles, the first clapping, and most of the firsts Kadyn hasn't experienced yet but I know to soak in everything. I was excited when Kadyn first figured out he has boy parts. Although now when I open his diaper it's the first thing he goes for, I cheer him on as he remembers he has something there. Most parents would be like "don't do that, yuck" Yeah it maybe be gross but nothing a little soap and water can't handle. Kadyn still can not hold his head up.

Although this condition has brought many sad days, I have met the most amazing people in the world and I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have the support of those who understand what I am going through. I would really love if everyone who reads this would think about donating to Kadyn's Miracle Mile. This money go towards the research in finding a better way for people with Hydrocephalus. Research for a cure or even something better then a shunt, or to find a way to have these wonderful people become shuntless!
Kadyn's Miracle Mile is our team name for the Detroit's 4th annual Hydrocephalus WALK. I will be walking while Kadyn is rolling towards one thing that everyone else has in common there. A cure or even something to give these people a better quality of life. I am not only walking for my son,Kadyn, but for everyone else who endures this life threatening condition. I walk to stomp out this condition! You can donate by clicking on Kadyn's Miracle Mile anywhere on this blog! Any amount will make an impact on someone's life.

Thank you everyone!

I will have an update on little Kadyn later and some pictures :)


Kristen said...

You wrote this so beautifully. Your mama's heart is so pure and full of love. It touches me.

I most certainly will be making a donation.


Sara said...


I must admit your daughter inspired these words too, after what she just went through and you guys did, I just couldn't imagine but I remember that, it could of been Kadyn going through the same thing. Cayman being so sensitive to the pressure just broke my heart into pieces, She really inspired me along with Kadyn and some amazing families I have met here.

I thank you with all my heart for your donation :) Cayman is truly blessed to have an amazing Mommy, and of course an amazing daddy too!

Kristen said...

Thanks Sara!