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Monday, June 14, 2010

Where have I been?

Oh, I have been MIA haven't on. Reasons? Sure there are many, but nothing too big or exciting. Just been busy with Kadyn, not having a computer anymore, my new kitten who has torn me to pieces (haha) and just life. Trying to talk to Harvey every chance I get, waiting for letters, emails, texts and phone calls is all I do. Kadyn being not himself since this shunt placement and basically trying to figure out why. The weathers just been blah here and really I have no ideas for blogs anymore until I am able to use my own laptop and take pictures and stuff. Life has been rough for me lately and for once it's not because Kadyn is in and out of the hospital. Actually it's been a month almost since Kadyn was last in the hospital. No seizures this month either. Thank goodness. Right now I am just in a struggle between trying to get along with Harvey's family while he is gone and trying to plan Kadyn's birthday party. Harvey's family has never liked me from the beginning but, I learned to except that and see past that because in their eyes no one is good enough for their Harvey. They are nice to me and are not rude to me, but since Harvey has been gone I just feel awkward going someplace where I am not liked, but I do it for Kadyn.

So today I am going to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings for a Hydroceplaus fundraiser. 20% of my food cost will go towards the Detroit's 4th annual Hydrocephalus WALK. Not only is Buffalo Wild Wings my favorite food, but I'll be able to see my favorite people! :) YAY!