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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Better days

Thank goodness my lil Kadyn is doing so much better. Today was the first day I had no worries in a long time. Although Kadyn hasn't been the same since the shunt placement I often wonder if the high humidity in the air is causing his pressure issues too. I will have to talk to his Neurosurgeon about that. I am waiting to take him in because he has remained pretty much the same. I often think too that Kadyn isn't the best sleeper anymore. He is at the age where being awake is so much better then sleeping, but yet he gets so tired that he can't stand himself so he cries and there is nothing I can do to comfort him.

He is doing amazing though. We went to my other sisters (not in Ohio) to visit my sister and niece and nephew. They were glad to see Kadyn because Kadyn missed thier birthday parties due to being in the hospital. So it was very nice, he smiles and laughed and was just all around a happy camper. We left and he just talked and sang the whole ride home.

So now he is asleep and I can not sleep. Go me haha. I am so happy.