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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Birthday Party!!!

Kadyn's birthday party was amazing! Sorry no pictures, but I should have my new laptop by next month so I will dedicate a post to catch up on pictures! Kadyn got a ton of new clothes and a couple toys. I told everyone that they didn't have to get anything for Kadyn as he does not even touch toys. Everyone did though buy clothes, diapers, giftcards and stuffed animals. Things Kadyn uses and likes. That really made me feel good. The party was amazing though. It went by smoothly and quick. I really enjoyed it. My neighbors came with thier little girl and the kids all were swimming. Kadyn swam and then layed in his wagon then it was cake time!
Kadyn can't have cake, or even icing as part of his diet he can not have any sugars other than whats allowed in the formula. I make him a pudding that is allowed though he is actually ate it from the spoon!! How amazing!! He loved it! My niece fed him as I cut the cake which I can no wait until I can share of picture of the cake with you! It was soo cute. Kadyn's face was on the cake! :) Kadyn also got two dvds, Baby Genius. One is Underwater and the other is On the Farm. Shows different pictures of animals along with music. Kadyn is sitting in his Kiddie Cart watching, well mostly listening to the music. I am going to make him another appointment to get his eyes checked. I am just worried his vision maybe slightly worse from the recent surgeries. Although it has been over a month since his last hospital visit, other than going to get his food!! Thankfully. Today he is going to his great grandmas for little bit. I am going to take my dog for a walk and our other dog Kielo along too. She has been really sad lately with Harvey not being around. Kielo was Harvey's dog.

Harvey should be home for two weeks either August or September! :). I am glad. It will be nice. Kadyn is doing really good. He is still trying to crawl, which I caught a video of that. He gets on his hands and knees but he won't lift his head up so I am trying to work with his neck muscles. I am hoping the excersize ball and his chair will help. Hopefully if by next month he remains seizure free I can get him back into therapy! :)

Tomorrow I have to take Kadyn in to get his blood drawn. I don't like it :(.

Well Kadyn is started to cry. I think he is tired of his chair.
Happy 4th of July!


Kristen said...

I enjoyed reading about Kadyn's party!

Great news to hear Harvey will be coming home for a visit soon! That's exciting!

Happy 4th of July!