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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fourth of July festivities

This is one of my favorite holidays. Halloween being my first favorite as, well that is my birthday! I love when the family gets together and we have a good time. Every year my sister and her husband throw a 4th of July party. It's nice. They go down to Ohio and buy a lot of fire works and cook amazing food. This past one Kadyn was very good. Although this year he was not a fan of the loud banging fire works, he happily stayed inside with his cousin and entertained her. From what she says, he wouldn't stay still and she would turn her back for 5 seconds and he would be rolling into the kitchen. Silly boy! Kadyn is still really trying to crawl. Just need to work on neck strength for him and I know he can do it! He has been a little moody lately but I am thinking it is going to rain.

These past couple weeks have been amazing! One trip to the hospital, just to get blood drawn. No emergencies! I am very proud of myself to take Kadyn of these medications! They were causing more problems then good. Kadyn has had NO seizures and his attitude has improved so much. He isn't cranky everyday and he is not so sleepy. He is more active and smiles a lot more. His shunts are working beautifully. Life is good. :)
The 15th Kadyn's daddy is going to be ordering me my laptop! YAY. So hopfully I can get some birthday pictures up for everyone to see!