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Thursday, July 8, 2010

3 pokes, nothing

I really don't think Kadyn has blood flowing through his veins. He was poked 3 times for cultures (he gets blood drawn once every 3 months) and they got no blood whats so ever. So we went home. We did though get referred to a new pediatrcian and we are going to have to arrange something to get his blood taken out of his port. He got poked once in each arm and once in the ankle. Thanfully, the lab tech didn't want to poke him anymore. I really didn't want that either. So we stopped into the subway and then headed home. Kadyn was exausted and so was I. Kadyn is now in. Restless mood and he can't seem to get happy. I think it is because the rain and storms. He also has been playing his bottle throw down and cry game. I have been trying to break him of throwing his bottle down then crying for it. He does this on purpose because he knows i'll get up and give him his bottle, well if I let him cry for a little bit he will hold onto his bottle and not throw it down. He is a smart lil bugger! Haha. So no seizures in over a month still. Normal life is nice! We go and do something everyday. We go to the store, park, families, and restaurants together and have no worries. We look for good prices on fall and winter clothes. Kadyn is getting soo chubby now!! I love it. He also is looking morelike daddy as he gets older. I love it!!


Kristen said...

I see I've missed a few posts of yours. I've got some catching up to do. :)

Nayara Magalhaes said...

hey, i'm brazilian, sorry my englishh is so bad..
Kadyn is a beautifful boy, i'm a student and i have studied Hydrocephalus, and He is growing fast...
God Blass you!


Carina said...

Oh Sara, I know what it is, with my son Elijah is also the same, and we do not get so happy, but ... I'm happy with the development of Kady. My son has microcephaly and has also surprised medicine. Here in Brazil there are enough resources, but above all we trust in God. Kisses to you and see you soon!