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Saturday, July 24, 2010

In Ohio

So we are in Ohio until Monday. I would stay longer but my lil guy has an appointment on Tuesday to see the Neurologists. Wait until they find out I took Kadyn off all his seizure medication. Although, I will not be putting him back on it at all. I have seen for myself how terrible seizure medications are on a child. I have come to the conclusion that my son had been so sleepy for so long not due to his shunt but due to the medications. I am glad he no longer really needs them as he has been seizure free for over 2 months going on 3 months now! I am very thankful! I love my son so much and I am happy that he is more active. He is trying to sit up now and he is trying to crawl. He is more talkative and just the Kadyn I used to know before the medications.

We are in Ohio this week for my nieces fair. She shows horses. She was going to do contesting with her one horse but that horse got hurt. So she is just showing halter with her pony Mouse! I love that pony. He is so sweet. He is easy to ride for anyone. I get my new computer this coming Tuesday so look out for a new Picture post coming soon. It's been awhile since you guys have seen Kadyn. He has a new hair cut and just a cute chubby face. My lil guy is 28 lbs now and he is getting so big so quickly! I love it!