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Monday, July 5, 2010

Post number 602

I guess doing this on my phone so much I can't tell how many posts I have all together haha. So we will celebrate post number 602 with a cute picture of Kadyn in his Kiddie Cart!. Right now Kadyn is sitting in his Kiddie Cart watching Baby Genius. It's a cute Dvd (one of many I shoulda say) called Favorite Nursery Rhymes. Kadyn loves music and this music helps Kadyn sit in his chair and behave in it. It is a life savor! This chair most likely is not very comfortable but it is helpful. These DVD's also are educational, so that is a plus. They also come with a cd that I can put in the car, so if anyone hears me blarring Old mcdonald, just know that yes I am singing along to these nursery rhymes. I mean how can you not. They are so catchy adn they get stuck in my head. Also may I add, that I love Kadyn's smile. It's so addicting! Everytime he smiles, doesn't matter how bad I am feeling or how much of a bad mood I am in, it just warms myheart and I smile! <3.