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Monday, August 30, 2010

Ahhh home

So after 2 weeks of being with my sister and her family, I am home. Kadyn is here too. I have to start making plans and getting ready for when Harvey comes home this month, ok well it's the end of August so I am pretending it's September :). He should be here in Michigan on the 28th of August. Here are our plans so far.
Harvey and I are taking a few day vacation to camp here
We will be going to a Haunted House here
We will also be going to the biggest Amusement Park in the Usa Here

I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions?

I think these three things are going to be so tiresome. We bought a new tent and air mattress for this and I am thinking it's going to be cold, good thing I like to sleep in the cold. I sleep my best when I am cold cuddled under a blanket that is nice and warm. Weird? Oh well.
Kadyn will be staying with his grandma and papa, aunt and cousins. My parents babysit out at my other sisters house so he will be going there. That is exciting though.

Anways enough about me how about Kadyn.
I bet ya'll are wondering how he is doing right? Well he is doing great. His last surgery was 5 months ago, well will be on Sept 1st. Also his last seizure was 4 months ago! How amazing huh? really this is normal? This is what life is suppose to be life. Life is kinda like not boring but...different without the hospital runs. I don't miss them AT ALL, but they were part of my life and now I have to do other things with my time, like spend weeks at my sisters, shop until I drop, do things I was afraid to do. Kadyn being off meds is the best part. Knowing that I don't have to force medication into his body is amazing and I really don't think I ever would again unless it was really needed. His diet is working! This is amazing. I am so happy!

New words he learned.
Get out
All done

He also has signed eat now, Although it's not completely the correct way to do it, he still does it.

He also is almost on a schedule. We are also working on eating puree foods. Although that isn't getting me very far. Ugh :(. But we are trying. Other than that, nothing new.


Dorette63 said...

I just stumbled across your story about your little boy. He is adorable. 22 years ago my friends son was born with the same thing Kadyn has. He just finished nascar school and is doin great. Your little boy will be fine. it's just a longer road getting there. My prayers are with you and your family. P. S. Get Married!!! I just did it for the second time and it is great! I married my High School sweet heart from 30 years ago. LOL