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Friday, August 6, 2010

A week in Ohio

What a fun week we had!!! My niece took her horse swimming! Yes HORSE! Video proof below! She has been riding all her horses to get them muscled up for winter and get them ready for more shows. Kaydn had a good time. We slept out in a camper the whole time and he slept the best ever! He never napped though, but there was soo much going on that it was soo hard to nap! So he played a lot. We went swimming. Sorry I have no pictures of him in Ohio because I forgot my camera. This time I won't forget it I promise! I will be going back Sunday! YAY FUN! I love it there at my sisters. 10 acres of farm with an acre pond, horses, dogs, chickens, a pure bread wolf (pictured above), thats something I won't go near when he is full grown...don't like it. There is land to run and just walk around a trampoline, everything to keep me busy! It makes me happy. I can also go to the store without having to take Kadyn all the time which helps a lot!!!! It makes things easier when I just have to run in for one thing and not have to bring everything to take care of him.
ANd the video of my niece and her horse. Please ignore me yelling at my dog Korona I was yelling kinda meanly because I didn't want her to get kicked, and you have to be REALLY stern with her sometimes in order for her to listen.

So today I decided that I was going to enroll Kadyn in a Special Needs Preschool. This would give Kadyn the oppurtunity to go to a school with other children (cringe) and a teacher (cringe) and beable to learn and interact with them. Why am I cringeing at those two words you're probably wondering? Children=germs, colds, flus, illnesses, and the teacher is going to be a complete stranger at first and that makes me feel uneasy. I know doing this for Kadyn is what is right but it just worries me that this winter he will be sick even a being around children. I know I have to set these fears a side, so I filled out the referral form for preschool. Oh my, Kadyn is going to going to preschool probably once or twice a week for a couple hours. I'll have to get him used to his chair again because he may ride a bus (cringe) and I'll have to pack him a backpack full of his bottles and his formula, diapers and wipes. This will be a good oppurtunity for him. I should be getting a call within 10 buisness days. SO hopfully I can get him enrolled this year. It's from 3years old to 7 but I am sure they have them seperated. Lets pray that this is for the best. I think so because it will give Kadyn something else to do. I hope I made the right desicion with this.


pamnatedog said...

Do u have to bus him to school? Nate isnt allowed the bus. To many bad days when i had to ride the bus so i always told myself i would find a way. I know u said on facebook that u werent ure of the school he would go to till they get back to u. When u find out what school im sure u can see if theres ways u can help out at the school till u feel safer with him there. I was like that with Nathen when he first started kindergarden even though he was in daycare before. I was on the PTA or O whatever they are calling it now and i volenteered every chance i got to help me learn more about the teacher. In first grade i couldnt go sit in class as much so i set up meeting with the teacher to get a run down of how he was doing. I still have her email addy, lol.

Jennifer said...

Cams is in a special needs class -- make sure that the teachers know how important it is for them to make sure that everything is germ free. We haven't had too much of an issue with it, but we do have issues with Cams coming home with someone else's clothes on ?! I recommend making sure everything is WELL marked!! I'm sure it will be good for him though :)

Kristen said...

Cayman will be going to a special needs preschool next March. I am having a hard time thinking about it as well. They're our babies and we're sending them off into the world it feels. But I keep thinking of all the good benefits - the socializing, the learning, etc.