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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Good week :)

Yesterday Kadyn and I went to the park. He seemed to be very happy. He was in a pretty good mood the whole time. Nothing but smiles.
Playing with his feet.

We layed on the grass for a little photo shoot :)

Then going to bed was the worst. This picture he looks happy, but Kadyn has been getting uncontrolably cranky when he gets tired. I try everything I can to keep him calm but it doesn't work. Kadyn does not like being held, or rocked so whenever I do so, it makes his cries louder. Yesterday I decided to try and let him cry it out. I knew why he was crying, overtiredness, so I figured he could just cry it out until he couldn't stand it anymore. It worked. He only cried for about 10 minutes then he stopped and went to sleep. I am thinking he is crying because I no longer let him fall asleep with his bottle. I comfort him as much as possible but when he wants something he is pretty persistant. It's naptime now and so far no crying. I am hoping he will not need his bottle anymore. He has some good nights and others not so much. Although I notice now he is waking up earlier. So I am thinking about trying to feed him food before bed to keep him fuller longer. Going to be at midnight and waking up at 4am isn't doing me any justice. Of course I am still trying to get him to eat solids, and that is not improving any, but I am hoping it will if I keep working everyday. I work with him about 3 times a day. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. I think I am going to move it up to 4 times a day.
Kadyn is now all set for PT and OT again, we are just waiting for a day. He also have his peditricain appointment set up. He is seeing a new Peditricain. I am so excited! All this change, it's soo good. Hopefully we can get Kadyn back on the right track! ALl thanks to Kadyn's Dietician who is making all of this happen.
I just went back and checked on Kadyn, he is asleep. I truely hope that his daddy doesn't call for me to get him while Kadyn is asleep. I am hoping Harvey comes home today, but if not today, it will be tomorrow :).
Soo happy!


Paty Sousa said...

Olá, me chamo Patrícia,conheci esta semana a história de vida de Kadyn David, apresentada por uma professora de saúde da criança que tenho na faculdade de Enfermagem, aqui no Brasil, fique muito emocionada, só vimos as fotos dele logo quando nasceu, então tive muito interesse em saber como ele estava hoje, então pesquisei na internet e encontrei o blog, fiquei muito feliz em ver ele tão bem em relação ao nascimento que estava tão debilitado, espero que ele fique à cada dia melhor, mais e mais, desejo tudo de maravilho para vida de vocês,fiquem com Deus, um grande beijo!