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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Terrible Night

Kadyn had the worst night ever. Not only did he not nap last night but he woke up around 12am and was screaming. I figured the storms rolling in here were not helping his case. So I gave him some Tylenol and he played for awhile then fell asleep around 3am. He then woke up around 5am screaming and crying again. He finally went to bed about an hour ago. Which that would be 9amish. What a night. I am exhausted. I dare not go back to sleep as I have to clean the house up a bit for my mom and finished cleaning my room because Harvey is going to be home soon! His plane leaves tomorrow! My kitty Cougar gets to meet Harvey for the first time. She will most likely attack him when he walks in the house. Yes I have a guard kitty. She will attack anyone and everyone who walks in the house...even me. She just plays so much haha! She is funny!

I think Kadyn is going to have a bad day today also, as there are more storms in the area. I should of just stayed in Ohio haha! He seems to have a lot easier time with storms when we are in Ohio. Although my sister seems to get hit the worst when the storms come. That is what she gets for living out in the middle of no where haha!


Anonymous said...

I actually just saw the youtube video you had posted in 07 I believe it was, What a precious child! I know how much work it takes to raise a special needs child but it is also so rewarding that no one can truly understand unless they have gone thru it themselves. To see how he has progressed over the yrs is utterly amazing. My heart goes out to you and your family, and praying for Kadyn's health as well as Harvey's safe return home!