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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Watching Kadyn Grow

This seems like the best part about being a parent. Watching my son grow into a wonderful toddler. We are still working on getting him physically there, but that really seems like nothing compared to all he has been through. Kadyn has a lot of catching up to do, but considering how terrible his seizurs were, I am lucky that he still remembers all the things that he does. He is learning new words almost everyday...and he is still trying to crawl and things. I believe his skull possibly is just too heavy for him to lift. I think his skull is really thick too. A lot thicker than the average child. So I am going to talk to a few doctors to see what can be done. Also dentist appoinement is coming up. Kadyn no longer falls asleep with the bottle, so now we can start making his teeth better. I am so glad I broke him of that. Although is provides him with his comfort. A few screamy nights really turned out for the best. So now it's hope for the best. I am sure the dentist is going to kick my butt but it's okay. I deserve it haha! Today I am going to go to the store and get Kadyn some apple sauce, Maybe he will eat that. I have been working hard on trying to get him to eat food. It isn't really working too well, but I am trying.

Also Kadyn's personality has just taken off! He is such a funny little guy. The littlest things seem the crack him up. Whether is be his Uncle Ed yelling KKAAAAAADDDDDDDYYYYYNNNNN or me blow raspberries on his cheeks, or the dog licking his hand, he just laughs at it. He is more aware of his surroundings and I think he is more aware in general. Since he has been off the medication he is just amazingly developing! I just..can't express in words how thrilled I am of these changes. I love it!

14 more days and Kadyn's daddy will be on his way to the states. HOW EXCITING! It's been 5 months since I have seen him and 7 months since Kadyn has seen him! I can not wait until Kadyn sees him. I can not wait to get the call to go get Harvey! I just can't wait!

Over the week we went to the fair. I only went one day as the kids day I wasn't feeling so good. I had a headache and just made me sick. But the day I went I had a good time. I had a milkshake which seems to be the reason most people go. Also had a chicken dinner, which came with a HUGE piece of chicken, cole slaw, apple sauce, drink and an ice cream. It was just yummy! I also rode the rides with my niece. I felt a little sick after but not too bad. Then we watched the horses being showed. My niece is really into that and she normally shows at this fair but she decided to take the year off.

Also Kadyn got his new lifejacket! Although it has not been warm enough to swim, I am rather excited that he got it. He will still fit in it next year, because I do not think Kadyn is going to gain 30lbs over the cold season. If he does then I need to put him on a diet! haha!
Here is a picture of what it looks like. Except his is Cars one. I can't seem to find it on the Walmart site anymore, but it looks like this one. It's nice because it has head support to hold Kadyn's head up. So he can float in the water rather then me trying to keep his head a float.
I got a few good pictures of Kadyn too. I haven't been shareing many of him lately. I'll just blame it on my laziness
He was clapping and yelling here. He loves to clap and yell. It's good to see him clapping again though!

I had just brushed his hair and he was trying to figure out what I was doing. Yes his lips are's okay, we just played in the bath a little too long thats all.

Then all smiles. You know Green really is his color. I swear. He looks sooo handsome in green haha

We were using his chair. Something we rarely do. Why? It's hard to move throughout the house. It's also heavy, but we found a place for it infront of the tv in the tv room so he can watch his shows
We are having a good week at my sisters. We are going out on the paddle boat that my sister and her husband picked up. It's bright pink but I like it haha! Also been playing with the horses, and her wolf, and all her animals. Also been doing a lot of shopping for her, which is what always happens when I come here. For a reward for all my helping when we went to Sams. I saw a huge box of 156 diapers for $30, which is honestly, not bad at all! So I picked them up thinking ok I get paid again on the 15th so I'll have this much left over. After my sister paid for it all I went to give her the money and she refused it, told me that I save it for gas for carting her kids around and running errands. HAHA!! So I got a wondering present. Trust me, I like getting paid in diapers!!! Kadyn has enough to last him a long time now thankfully! Atleast 2 months I hope! Plus he still has some left from Christmas! YES christmas. I found a bag of them hidden in my closet haha! YAY! Well Kadyn is napping now so this is my cue to get some things done!


Gretchen said...


Man! Kadyn has always been cute, but now, looking at these pics, he is getting to be really HANDSOME! You are blessed, there is no doubt about that!

Ká Mariana said...

The history of this lovely boy touched me. I am the mother of a beautiful little girl. You are blessed by God and his son a miracle. May God be with you always. I loved knowing your family history. I cried to see the videos, I am very excited. I would contact to find out the evolution of the prince who is the Kadyn. Kiss sincere, Katia Mariana