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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Go cart anyone?

So my niece and nephew have this go cart. It's really nothing specail, very uncomfortable to rude or even drive for me or anyone tall, but it is oh so much fun. Here is proof.

Looks like fun right? Yup, I always wonder why none of them will ride with me when I drive. It could be because I slide it all over the place and drive like a crazed woman! I enjoy the little break from having to be serious and careful and enjoy living for that moment. When the wind is blowing through my hair, I feel free. Although thats wonderful, there is nothing like coming inside the house and Kadyn yelling MAMA! Things have been so wonderful. No seizures in 4 months. NO shunt issues or even a thought of a shunt issue in a long time.

Kadyn and I have been exploreing the area here. I have found a lot of things. A lot of stores around here that I didn't even know. It is really nice. I am starting to find I like being here more than Michigan. It seems the people who live her are much nicer and they seem to not stare at me or Kadyn. (When I don't wear make up, I look like I am 12 haha) They only stare when they see my licsense plate, I am sure they say in their heads, GO BACK TO THE BLUE! haha!